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Taking retirement benefits

As retirement approaches, it’s a good idea to take a critical look at your potential expenditure and decide the amount you will need to make retirement a comfortable period of your life. Don’t forget to factor in unexpected expenses, possible gifts of money to family members, the travel you’ve always wanted to do, and give some thought to putting aside some funds that could be used to provide nursing or residential care in the future.

Pensions are extremely tax-efficient and pass free of inheritance tax on death. Where appropriate, we can structure your required income from other less tax-efficient assets, maximising the inheritance of your heirs.

Getting good advice pays

Research from the Financial Conduct Authority reveals that many people reaching retirement are missing out on the opportunity to take professional advice about their pension. They don’t take the opportunity to shop around, preferring to take what their existing pension company offers them, rather than looking to see if a better deal might be available from another provider.

Making the most of the options open to you at retirement requires careful consideration. With life expectancy continuing to rise, many people retiring today can expect to live on into their nineties, and no-one wants to face the prospect of running out of money in later life.

Working with us will help you see the bigger picture. We take an objective view of your finances and can offer valuable advice on important issues such as how to use your pension pot to secure guaranteed income to cover your basic living costs, and how to invest the remainder in a broad-based portfolio to provide the level of income you’re looking for.

We’ll ensure that you don’t expose funds you might need in the short to medium-term to too much risk, but will consider your longer-term needs and consider factors such as the possible effects of inflation.

Retirement is a big step, so taking professional independent advice could be the soundest financial decision you’ll ever take.

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