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No two investors are the same. Some with greater experience like to retain a close interest in the running of their portfolio. They prefer to be involved in the day-to-day decisions surrounding individual investments. Others are looking for someone to remove from them what they perceive to be the onerous task of managing their money, and are content for investment professionals to take decisions on their behalf. That’s why we offer both an advisory and a discretionary investment management service.

Whichever service you choose, the relationship begins with an in-depth discussion about your investment requirements. Here, we’ll cover strategic matters like your investment objectives, attitude to risk, time horizons, and capacity for loss. All this will be documented and agreed with you.

How our services operate

With our advisory service, your investment manager will give you advice on your investment strategy based on the fact-finding analysis carried out at our initial meeting, but you will have the final say in whether you want to implement the investment recommendations put forward. Your manager will contact you to discuss any proposed actions, and won’t buy or sell stocks, or make changes that affect your portfolio, without getting your explicit agreement.

With our discretionary service, we agree with you in advance the investment goals you wish to pursue. We then assume the responsibility of managing your portfolio and implementing your strategy, without the need to involve you in day-to-day matters, or seek agreement before making changes to your investments, meaning you are freed from the need to be available to discuss decisions that you might find complex and time-consuming.

We keep in regular touch and meet you annually for a full review of your investments. At this meeting, we revisit your investment goals, noting any changes you might want us to make to your strategy. We also provide half-yearly valuations backed up by a full transaction history, performance comparisons and charts, commentary and factsheets, and we’ll send you quarterly investment bulletins that give you an insight into the current investment climate. You can also view your portfolio online anytime, making us accountable to you 24/7.

Taxation can be a major concern for our investors, so we make sure we maximise their use of tax-efficient wrappers like ISAs. We also advise our clients on the Capital Gains Tax position.

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