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Thinking about your wealth and how you want to pass it on to future generations can seem a complex and challenging process, not least because it means addressing delicate subjects like death and money. But it is a dialogue that every family should have, not least because it’s estimated that in the UK over £1trillion will pass down the generations over the next twenty years.

Today, families are much more complicated in their make-up than they once were, with second and subsequent marriages often giving rise to larger, blended families. Openly discussing wealth matters as a family can help establish priorities, clarifying goals and ensuring that plans are put in place to support each generation as their needs dictate. We are often asked to be part of these conversations, not least because we offer sound practical advice in a dispassionate manner.

These dialogues are wide-ranging. We encourage all participants to be open and honest about their financial needs, now and in the future. Once these have been established, we can help families put in place plans that pass on wealth tax-efficiently, whilst ensuring that the older generation remains secure financially during their retirement years.

What our advice encompasses

We can help by offering advice on effective planning through wills, and explain the role that Lasting Powers of Attorney can play in protecting a family’s financial interests.

We know what a sad and difficult time bereavement can be for families, and here too we can offer valuable assistance. There are often many practical issues that must be faced. If, for instance, the deceased owned stocks and shares, you may need to have a portfolio valuation carried out for probate purposes, and we can undertake this for you. If the estate includes a vacant property, we can make sure that it and any contents are properly covered by insurance.

We offer practical help with tasks like collecting the proceeds of life policies, dealing with pensions, or selling or transferring shares. Once the administration is complete, we can offer advice to beneficiaries on investing money they receive tax-efficiently, or dealing with stocks and shares that they have inherited.

We often have the privilege of working with succeeding generations of the same family, safeguarding their wealth and ensuring that it is passed on tax-efficiently down the generations. If you’d like us to help your family, then please get in touch.

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